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CacheReleaseLocks ( acLockString, hConnection ) -> lSuccess

The function releases the locks contained as string ids in <acLockString> obtained via CachéSetLocks() function. The function returns failure or success of the operation. Please refer to CachéSetLocks() for details about its implementation.

<acLockString> A character string or a one-dimensional array of strings representing locks to be obtained. The failure and success depends upon the completness of locks, i.e., either all locks requested be obtained or none. Even if one lock request fails the functions returns failure.

Also make sure that [hConnection] refers to same connection supplied with CachéSetConnection(). Typically an application needs to release all locks thus obtained after the completion of action being executed in-between, buy you may release a partial list of locks instead of all locks obtained. That way you will be responsible to relese all remaining obtained locks.