Transferring RDD Object Code

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Uptil now we have completed the foundation to host our server-side CacheRDD code. In this section we will look into how CacheRDD is hosted on Cache Server.


There are two ways to achieve it.

1. Transfer CacheRDD as provided inside the repository, as is, and

2. Compile from sources for the target host and then transfer.


Option #1 is limiting but at the same time is fastest to set up the environment. It is limiting in the sense that it is provided only for two hosts, Windows and Linux Suse. So far I have not tested if compiled CacheRDD code is compatible across all platforms within same version of Cache, but my gut feeling is that it should. If it is true then supplied CACHE.DAT in the repository is all what you need to deploy your applications. Expand link below to follow the steps.


Steps to Transfer RDD on the Server